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Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Centre (ACDC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting harmony in diverse cultural settings in Hong Kong.


Its aim is to build a strong and lasting friendship by promoting a better understanding which is based on mutual respect and understanding between the individuals of Hong Kong and those who have Turkish background and origin.


It strives to introduce, promoting and informing people in Hong Kong about Turkish history and culture by bringing people together in an open dialogue.



Enjoy making a traditional Turkish lamp that lighten your room with your family, couples or friends
Create an everlasting gift for your loved ones with your own creativity or design samples while no experience or prior knowledge required. 




Turkish cuisine is considered to be one of the richest cuisines in the World. This is no wonder if one thinks about all the geography where the Turks lived and build an empire during their history.


From the Danube and the Balkans to the Arabic Peninsula and the northern shores of Africa, different cultures and their tastes blend in with the Turkish heritage and built an inspiring cuisine.



Ebru marbling art is one of the most beautiful examples of art in the world. It is an art that has differences from the other visual ones in ways such as equipment used, performing style, traditional aspect.


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