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Ebru Art

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Ebru painting is the art of creating colorful patterns on water & transferring the pigment to paper, silk and some other materials. The paintings are made by sprinkling several colors of pigment on the surface of the water- held by a large, shallow basin. The pigment on the water will create beautiful, random, and unique patterns as it swirls naturally and through the manipulation of other tools & techniques I will introduce to you. It is a peaceful method of painting, open to many possibilities. With this process, you will create something unique & beautiful every time and you can transfer your paint to fabric, paper ... We encourage you to come to visit and learn more about this method of painting and perhaps attend regularly to master the practice.


What to expect

完成工作坊能學會畫自己設計的獨一無二的絲巾 所有顏料和工具由土耳其進口 無需經驗,導師會指導學員完成作品


Other information

完成工作坊能學會畫自己設計的獨一無二的絲巾 所有顏料和工具由土耳其進口 無需經驗,導師會指導學員完成作品

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