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- Recognition of the materials. See a demonstration by the instructor. design different patterns according to personal preference or use is given sample designs to apply. The entire workshop will take around 1.5 hours to 3 hours according to the chose of lamp size 


 - 介紹材料。 教師製作燈展示。  可以根據自己喜好的設計製作,也可以按照樣本設計去製作。 製作時間大約2個小時(根據燈泡尺寸的大小工作坊時間會不一樣)

Table Lamp 檯燈 

490 HKD

14 cm

​28 cm

20 cm

​38 cm

Swan Lamp 鵝頸燈

590 HKD

- The course price is charged according to the product selected by the attendee. Minimum spending of $320, the difference should be paid in cash 


10 cm

8 cm

Candle Holder 燭台

​320 HKD

Note: After you finish your work you have to wait for 1 to 2 weeks to receive your final work. This is because after you finish your lamp, We'll make a special coating and then let it dry to keep the glass pieces and the beads from falling.

注意:完成工作坊後,您需要等待一個星期到兩個星期的時間才能收到完成的作品。 這是因為在你完成燈罩之後,我們需要加工,然後讓它乾燥,以防止玻璃碎片和珠子掉落。

14 cm

​38 cm

Aladdin Lamp 阿拉丁神燈

590 HKD

22 cm

​45 cm

Moon Lamp 月亮燈 

790 HKD

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